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Get to know more about us

Get to know more about us 

DigitAll is a coalition of companies, social organisations and government bodies working together for more digital inclusion in Belgium. Discover who we are and get to know our initiatives to improve digital inclusion.

Test: how inclusive are your digital tools?

Are your digital services sufficiently inclusive? The Digital Inclusion by Design Index is a handy tool to help prevent digital stress among the end users of your digital products such as websites, apps and tools. Using this self-test, you can check your product against seven criteria, including use of language, accessibility and involvement, and you receive tips on how to make improvements. User-friendly digital apps will lessen digital stress among end users and hence reduce the risk of failure and dropping out. 

Why is a Digital Inclusion by Design Index necessary? 

There are currently insufficient measuring instruments or global guidelines for digital inclusion that take account the needs of vulnerable users right from the design phase of digital processes and tools. Using this test when you develop your digital products is a win-win solution for everyone. You find it easier to connect with your target group and your target group find their way to you more easily. 

Peer to peer coaching 

Over the coming months, we also plan to link the index to peer2peer coaching and ultimately an annual award that recognises best practices and makes the index better known. 

The index is currently in its test phase and is to be rolled out in the last quarter of 2022. If you are interested in testing it, you can contact us here