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    To enhance digital inclusion, DigitAll created a charter with 9 engagements.

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Human rights are staggering.

Human rights are staggering.

In our recent campaign, we show the importance of digital inclusion for all of us. 

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Chantal, who has been digitally excluded, has had great difficulty maintaining her right to health.

Stijn saw his right to work affected by digital exclusion.

Sura's right to privacy has been seriously affected by the misappropriation of innocent photos.

Yousrah had to fight for years to keep her right to education.

DigitAll, with BNP Paribas Fortis & Proximus as main partners, has brought various governments of our country together with a number of companies, public bodies and social organizations on the topic of digital inclusion. In their effort to narrow down the digital divide in Belgium, the various parties have signed the Digital Inclusion Charter.

With Mobidig we offer a mobile solution that targets the most vulnerable people, for whom it takes too much effort to go on their own to an existing digital learning offer.